Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alpaca sponsorship in memory of Orion alpaca death neonatal clinic We wanted to introduce you to one special alpaca named "Orion" who lived in Vermont.

Please read his story here.

Due to the overwhelming response of Orion's fans, Island Alpaca and Wing & A Prayer Farm created "Orion's Fund" for those people who are looking to take positive action in response to the death of a sweet alpaca that brought so much joy to so many. In his honor, you can help to keep the Alpaca Neonatal Birthing Clinic alive!
     With the help of cria's that have passed, such as "Orion" (shown above with his fan club, and his mom "Olivia",  seen on the right) we conduct an educational Alpaca Neonatal Clinic to help others learn how to diagnose and solve any problems that may arise during pregancy, birth along with general neonatal care.
     The bodies of the cria that have passed, even though their lives were short, are able to contribute so much to the lives of the cria's of the future. These cria's who have died, did not died in vein, their lives still live on, and with so much meaning. They will live on through the lives of their fellow living cria so that we can better help them to live healthy, happy, long lives.

If you would like to make a contribution to the "Orion Fund", please visit our webpage here!