Monday, March 7, 2016


Nicola and Philippe arrived at the farm to inspect the alpaca teeth with Ashleigh to see how they were coming along... (*taking Ashleigh out of the Gift Shop she was managing... ) During this time, one by one the guests arrived into the shop and gathered around the cake with lit candles, when Ash and the others returned from outside.... Everyone sang the requisite song...     
                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ASH!

March 8, Marks Ashleigh Plante, our Barn Manager-Extraordinare's Twenty-First Birthday... the BIG TWO-ONE!!

"Let Them Eat Cake"?? You may ask? YES is the answer. Black Dog Bakery's, "Chocolate Majesty" (not Brioche from the origins of the traditional French "Cake")
Fun was had by all of our staff and former staff and Island friends! 
Above, the BIG... TWO-ONE!!
Wishing you many more Happy B-Days to come Ashleigh!