Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Island Alpaca Sweeps Big at the "Big E" Massachusetts Eastern States Exposition! 

This past weekend, Island Alpaca Co. participated in the 2016 Alpaca Fleece Competition (Sept. 29 to October 1) and was thrilled to learn that our alpaca Marquesa took the Color Champion ...And the only Championship awarded in the show!
Drumroll please for the full report to include the rest...
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First Place!  Estrada's Lucca of Island Alpaca
(Fawn Fleece-2+ Years/Adult/Mature) This is Lucca's thirteenth Blue Ribbon... to add to his prior two Championships.
First Place!  KBA'S Boondocker
(Grey Fleece-Yearling) This is Boondockers Fourth Blue Ribbon!

First Place!  Silver Angel of Island Alpaca
(Grey Fleece-2+Years/Adult/Mature) This is Silver Angel's Eighth Blue Ribbon...
First Place!  Marquesa of Island Alpaca
(Dark Fleece-Juvi) 

CHAMPION! Marquesa of Island Alpaca 
(Dark Fleece -- out of 11 Alpaca and the only Championship awarded in the show!)

First Place! Lucca's Luciana of Island Alpaca 
(Fawn Fleece-Juvi)  

First Place!  Milo of Island Alpaca 
(Dark Fleece-2+Years/Adult/Mature) This is Milo's sixth Blue Ribbon... to add to his prior Judges Choice Fleece Award!
A "BIG T" to  Judge Arturo Pena,  Show Superintendent Peg Stephens and to the Big E Agricultural Show Staff.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Volunteers Evelyn & David, with our willing alpaca, Atticus & Hunter in tow!
Simone at the helm!
Some of our Island Alpaca "home grown" products!
On a drizzly Saturday, the first of October...  (Can't believe it is already October!) Island Alpaca Co. had the pleasure of joining many other local businesses and organizations who support island sustainability. This year's theme for Living Local was "Re-use and Recycle". The event celebrates and educates on important island issues such as; sustainable agriculture, local food advocacy and education, marine life, renewable energy, resource and land conservation and local living economies. Learn more about Living Local here! Many thanks to all of the organizers to include but not limited to: Nevette Previn, and the generous volunteers-- especially those who helped us pack in time for the evening pot-luck dinner. Hats off to staff to help make this event possible, and to those on the scene,  Rosmarie Jost and Simone Brewer, and our generous volunteers, Evelyn Brewer and David Hannon. THANK YOU!
http://islandalpaca.com/product_detail.php?p_id=70** Sadly we were not able to bring a valuable by-product of our alpaca.. our fabulous "Alpaca Gold" Paca-Poo Fertilizer... but we do have available at our farm!