Saturday, January 24, 2015

Posted with permission of Sandra Weber-- her kind words spoken about our alpaca "Bella". Thank you for writing Sandra, you and your new scarf are lovely!

Dear Bella -- thank you for your lovely warm fleece that made such a nice scarf -- I live in Arizona but at 4500' elevation so it gets cold here. Hope you and your daughter are doing well!

Dear Barbara - I'd be delighted if you shared the scarf and praise for Bella - with this scarf I used size 7 needles, and cast on 28 stitches - started with 6 rows garter stitch, then first 3 and last 3 stitches garter stitch and 22 stitches of seed stitch in between for each row, ending with 6 more rows of garter stitch to end - Just kept knitting until I had just enough yarn for the last 6 rows and bind-off row - wanted it to be as long as possible - (3.6 ounces of Bella yarn) When Son Jeff & Daughter-in-law Sue visited you last fall they'd taken a picture of Bella and sent it along with the yarn - just fell in love with her :o}  So did they, and they saw her daughter too - Just loved the critters humming to Jingle Bells - Thank you!  Sandra Weber

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